Innovative Executions, Redefined!

Lynkersoft is an innovation driven software firm headquartered in India.As a technology based solutions provider, the company aims at catering to various industry sectors across the globe. With a simple philosophy empower its end users with alternative solutions through conventional offerings which are both user and pocket friendly, the company aims to set a standardized benchmark through its portfolio in niche offering for its clients.

The journey of Lynkersoft started with a core idea to empower enterprise globally.Our realization that we could offer solutions for a diverse audience pan-industry cumulated into an all India survey across 14 cities that promoters undertook to better understand the needs of technical intervention to smoothen enterprise operations and to channelize their workflows.


Open Source Document Management Solution

OpenKM allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the document.

OpenKM integrates all essential documents management, collaboration and an advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed logs of activity and automations setup.

OpenKM builds a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets to facilitate knowledge creation and improve business decision making, boosting workgroups and enterprise productivity through shared practices, greater, better customer relations, faster sales cycles, improved product time-to-market, and better-informed decision making.

RGS Tech

Enterprise IT Services

Rhombus Global Services has evolved and positioned to anticipate the needs of our clients for 21st century solutions. We have combined Industry experience and knowledge of more than 70 plus years in the Industry. Rhombus Global Services has been founded to anticipate the rapidly changing environment and the need for increased business transparency.

We are a highly passionate, innovative, result driven business consulting, sales & marketing. IT Services organization with in-depth business knowledge, market connects and vast customer network to strategically define, position and market product and services to bring value through revenue growth and profitability to your organization. Through our network of strategic partnership and alliances we have experience working with dozen of U.S. and international companies to positions and market their product and services to the US market.